Prophetic Training III The Fire Of God – Nov 1, 2014

The fire of God comes to perfect us into the image of His Son. We are to carry His fire into our cities, so that he can dwell with us.

00:09 – Ascending The Holy Mountain Of The Lord
Believers, disciples and Christ-like ones have ascended to regions of the Holy Mountain of God. Opposite to the regions of God’s Holy Mountain is a mirage: the regions of hell. God brings His chastening to enable us to ascend to His House at the top of His Mountain.
03:52 – You Are A Diamond In The Hands Of God
As a diamond cutter works on a diamond to remove flaws and bring out its brilliance, so does God work to remove our flaws and bring out the likeness of His Son in us. As the perfectly cut diamond shows a girdle and the pavilion below, so is the “Ancient of days pavilioned in splendor and girded with praise.” Having been perfected, we are to be the setting, for Him to dwell among us.
10:14 – Revelation Of Jesus Christ – The Book Of Transition
The seven spirits before the Throne of God are sent into the world to equip the saints: the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding to the believer, the Spirit of Counsel and Might to the disciple, the Spirit of Knowledge and of the Fear of the Lord to the Christ-like one.
13:32 – Seven Aspects Of Christ – His Message To The Churches
In the seven churches, Christ is dealing with seven aspects of Himself. His message includes what each church has accomplished well, what is lacking, what spirits are opposing the church and what are the eternal rewards for those who overcome.
20:52 – Stay in The Fire So God Can Dwell
We need full redemption and full dominion in the Fire of God because of false doctrine flooding the earth. His Fire comes so that He can dwell among us. Do no fear and don’t back off when His Fire comes, you are called to carry it into your city.



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