Prophetic Words For JKG May 10, 2014


Prophetic words spoken over Jubilee Kingdom Gathering (JKG) by members of The Base in Des Moines, Iowa. JKG is a forerunner, and is to step into the glory of God, into intimacy with Christ, to release this to others, to the seedy in our communities.


I just see you guys as the veins out in the state, as the arteries coming from the heart of Des Moines, out into the state. And I see, as you guys are pushing into the Kingdom, that the veins are getting stronger and bigger, and they are moving more and more of the flow of heaven into the state. And I see an increase in the flow throughout the state that is carried by you guys.


Even as the forerunners are going deeper, every single person in this room will go deeper. As Apostle Greg has often said, throw you down the well and don’t tie it on. Well, here it comes, here it comes, because you guys are going to do it. You guys are going to go so deep in God, you are going to hear Him in the night season, every single moment of your day is going to be filled with the glory of our mighty God. And even as those intercessors that have gone before the men of God before and in past times, you will be those intercessors, you will have such a strong weight of the glory of God in your houses and in your rooms, that when your visitors walk through the door, they will not be able to stand, they will have to crawl on their hands and knees. This is every person in this room.


I release the fire of God upon these people, I release the fire of God upon these people, I release the fire of God on the community these people live in. You are gate keepers and on the earth, you are gatekeepers to the community you live in, you are gatekeepers to this state. I release the fire of God on every community, on every city that these people live in. I release the fire of God, I release the fire of God.

People have looked at you, like you are a bunch of clowns, but back in the days, in the circus movements, the clowns were the reasons why the people came to see the circuses. The clowns were the ones that made the rackets, they were the ones that did the funny things. But God takes the funny things and makes the proud fall to their knees. And you are the ones, you are the clowns, you are the clowns for God. You are the clowns, you are the one that puts on the tears, you are the one that puts on the smiles, you are the one that puts on the laughter. You are the one, you are the show. Go, be the show.

Pastor Julie

All of you from Fairfield, Jubilee Kingdom Gathering, an offshoot of The Base, I hear the Lord saying: Same heart, same plan, same reward.


I had a dream, and on a piece of paper, it said, satan’s plan: do, do, do. And I just want to thwart that plan of the enemy against everyone in this room, in Jesus’ name.


Along with Pastor Julie’s word for JKG, I just speak a blessing on you guys. Because you were the ones that planted the seeds in those of us that came to Des Moines. And I speak a blessing to that group at JKG, because of those foundations that they laid all of those years ago. And I thank you, Lord God, for the seeds that were planted so many years ago, and for the seeds that are being watered in Fairfield right now. That the city may come to life again. I thank you, Lord God, that it is a city of life and not of death, I thank you Lord God, I thank you, Lord God.


The Lord is just saying, those things that you walked through, that you said in those dark places. And you said these are just mine, this is just me. And God says, those things are of your inheritance, those are the things you will distribute from. They are about to become the food for the hungry, people are going to come and eat from your life. Be ready to give away all you have taken, and He is going to pour in more. You are going to be a continuous source, you are the five loaves and the fish, you are that feeding place. Do not keep back what God has instilled in you, because those are the great things, those are your gifts, those are the things that you will minister from. Bring them forth and do not keep back.


Out of that same thing, I keep hearing, that some people have been trying to operate out of a stagnant water, because you don’t want to release it, to receive more of the living water. We have something that we want to just hold on to with a death grip, because we don’t realize what great more things are coming. And that’s putting a stop, and we are wondering why some prayers are not being answered, why some things are not happening that we are calling into happening. But the moment we fully release that and step into His will and just align with that will, we don’t even have to ask Him what it is. It will just be inside of us, and we will go out and stamp things with His ring. And it will be as if He did this. A fresh outpouring of that living water.


For JKG, I know you guys are going to be moving. And the Lord says, you will grow because of that move, because you are being obedient to move into that place that He has. You will grow, and people will be drawn to that place, that you will be in the city. And God, I just pray for that, that people will be drawn to that place, that they will be in the city of Fairfield, that they are drawn. That you are to be in that new building that you are moving in. People are going to be drawn, I speak that, I declare it, that people will be drawn. You have been hungering and longing for that, and God says, I am going to give you the desires of your heart, to minister to the city, you will have it and people will be drawn to you. God we just thank you for that, Lord God, we thank you for that, Father, we say yes, Lord, thank you Lord.

Lady in green and white

I see everybody in this room as a beacon, as a lighthouse. All the lost souls that are out there that are searching, wandering, lost, are going to be drawn into us like a ship into a light house. They are going to know that they are close to the safety of the shore, they are going to know that their freedom is coming. A freedom of love, a freedom to rejoice in the Lord. All those lost soul are going to come and be drawn to each of us, as we are a beacon, like a lighthouse. We shine so bright, the Holy Spirit just shines through everybody in this room, so that the lost souls can come and get saved, to get to the relationship with God, so they can do their purpose.


I see you standing right before the glory of the Lord. You stand there and you see the glory. But the Lord says, step into the glory. Don’t just stand there looking at it, step into it. Because, as you step into it, all those things that you think are holding you back will be disappearing, they will fall off. That glory will not be able to sustain that, you won’t want it. Just step into it, instead of looking at it, come and be a part of it.

Husband of lady in green and white

Yes, I pray that we will step out of that comfort zone, because I see that’s the barrier. The comfort zones of what you think you can do, and then what God can do. And so, its stepping away from the comfort zone of what you have always known, and stepping out into that glory. Stepping out into that call and into the identity of who you really are, of who God knows you are, of who He has predestined you to be. He knew you before the foundation of creation, and now He is waiting for you to step into the destiny. And it is that comfort zone, the fear o leaving that comfort zone, of the change. But it won’t be you doing it, it will be Him doing it through you and for you, and He has already laid the way for you. You just need to reach down, pick it up and walk forward and trust in Him with all your heart. And I pray, Father God, that you will replace our hearts with your heart, that we will do the things that we see you do. That we will speak the words that we hear you speak, Father God. For it is for your glory, not for us. We are your body and we are your brothers or your sons and your daughters, we are brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and we have been called to be His glorious people, His holy nation, His royal priesthood. And so you just need to step out of that comfort zone and step forward into what He has for you. So drop the fear, because you don’t have a spirit of fear. You have a spirit of courage and of strength. And so I profess this, confess it, proclaim it and claim it, in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.


This whole time God has been giving me the depiction of what Sara just said. And that is that this whole time I have been holding her, she has been on my chest. That’s us with Him, that’s the only way we will be effective. And as I am praying in the spirit, she is praying exactly what I am praying, because she is hearing so closely, nose to nose, cheek to cheek, chest to chest. That’s how we need to be with Him. That’s the only way any of these things will come to pass. It breaks what Lori said of the “do, do, do” plan of satan. You have to be close with Him, to hear His heart, and that’s the only way we can speak His heart to those people that need it.


An as Aissa was saying earlier about the heart and then the veins going out, well, the blood of Jesus is flowing through those veins. And we are carrying the blood of Jesus in us, and we need to reach out into the rest of this state and into the nation.


And as we, as Crystal just talked about that intimacy, and as we are in that intimate place with Him, that love that’s in us will flow out unto others. And it will be his love, because of that intimacy that we spend with Him, it will flow out. And it will just come, and people will be drawn onto that love. They will know us by the love, by that intimacy that we have with Him. More, Lord, more intimacy with you, Father God, that we can love like you, Father. Not with our eyes, but with our heart, Lord God, with our heart. That we will love, that we will be people known for our love. in Jesus’ name.


Just along to what Crystal and Sara said, the only words I got is: It’s time to raise sons and daughters. And I don’t have anything else, but just its time to raise sons and daughters. And as Sara was talking, step into the glory and then Crystal was just talking about being close to the Father and that’s how you can hear them. And how can you raise sons and daughters, because you are also sons and daughters. It takes sons and daughters to raise another sons and daughters. And even with this move, maybe you feel discouraged because you see all this generation, the Jacob generation. But don’t be discouraged, because God wants you to raise the Josephs. That’s why He placed the Jacobs into the body. There is so many Josephs out there that don’t have the Jacobs in their lives. And that’s what you guys are for; don’t be discouraged. Pray for that next generation to come. Pray for them, because you have so much in you that you can place, that you can invest into the next generation. So, its time to raise sons and daughters.

Husband of lady in green and white

Many of us came here today to receive. But really what this is to release what is already in you, what is already in us. This power and this authority and this identity. And once it is released in us, that’s when we release it in other people. And that’s really what we are here for, its not to receive, its to release who we are and who is within us and who we dwell and who we abide with.

Pastor Julie

This is for everyone. The mark of the Lord is not to be peace keepers, but to be grounds keepers, grounds takers and air purifiers.

John Meister

There is a draught in the land, and we who are gathered here are wells of hope, mercy and grace. We are the tabernacles of the living grace. The conventional wells, the old wells are dry, they leave people parched. so much as there is in the natural a need for rain, there is in the spiritual a release of the reign, the R E I G N, reign of God. And we are to minister to the “seedy,” the seedy. He came not for those who are well, but for those who need a physician. we are to minister and doctor to them. The seedy, the ill-repute, the rejected, the forgotten, those seen in a worldly sense as hopeless. They are to have the preferred seat. So we are to minister to the seedy in our communities.

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