Prophetic Words From The Awakening Fires Meeting November 2012

This is a short summary of prophetic words and insights that Steve received during the last Awakening Fires Meeting at The Base in Des Moines:

This is a day of new commissioning.

What is the new apostolic strategy? The Melchizedek order is the new apostolic strategy. What we are feeling now is the tension of the release of that order. Nobody can be deceived into thinking that we can enter into that place without complete holiness.

You can’t go wrong believing that what God has promised will come to pass. That goes for His written word and all the things that He has spoken. He has given us many promises, and if you are not on that course, in line with what God has said, how are you going to go into that next thing?

It is a time to work, it is a time to mobilize. It is not about, Apostle Greg has not given us a strategy. What has God told you, what is the strategy that the Lord has given you?

And the next thing is about staples, and Judy has been talking about this. What are we lacking? Are we going into the morning with the Lord and finding what that exact thing is for the day? Are we storing up provision instead of moving into provision?

We have to engage 100% into this war, this has to be completely settled.

This must be grass roots. We can’t look to Apostle Greg to bring this thing in. We have to bring in that thing which God has given us.

Eric Reeder talked about this: Are we living in a real freedom, or a pseudo freedom? Whatever those patterns are in our live, God has the power to break them off. There is power in the blood of Jesus to break off those chains. we can’t play with them any more.

We have to be convinced of the message that is within us. Do we believe that the Word of God is true? We have to say: If what you say does not line up, it is not true. We have to walk in that confidence. We are to be the living testimony.

Intentional prayer, the charge of intentional prayer. A few weeks ago, the Lord said: you have to know how to bring hope to the hopeless. We have hope, because we know the Lord.

The second wave of travel in the state will have much greater impact than the first wave.


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