Put On The New Man

In baptism, we are entering into the death of our sin nature, and are resurrected into the nature of Christ (Rom 6:3-4). We now have a new nature, the nature of a saint. This nature we must accept, and put on the new man, who is created in the righteousness of Christ (Eph: 4:22-24).


Allow the Lord to burn all of the old flesh. We can walk without sin in the Kingdom of God on earth. If we ever fall into sin, we confess immediately, and the blood of Christ cleanses us (1 Joh 1:9). The righteousness of Christ was endowed to us.

In the Old Testament, Psalm 65:4-5 reveals the blessing of the man who is chosen by God to approach unto Him. He is our confidence, by His grace and power He removes our iniquity and clothes us in His righteousness.


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