Redemption is drawing nigh!

It is easy to see evil ramping up worldwide. The proponents of a “New World Order” are organizing and taking nations and causing chaos in the world, their grand scheme is playing out. Islam is on the rampage seeking to conquer the hearts of nations and institute Sharia Law. They are looking for their “Messiah”, the 12th Imam. The world, according to their belief, must be in a bloodbath for him to come. The madman President of Iran thinks it is his responsibility to bring him back and institure this bloodbath. Humanism, Communism, Islam, terrorism, they are all on the march and they make strange bedfellows. Its a shakey alliance at best. But in the end, they will never remain freinds. And in the end, they will not succeed.

At this point, it seems that men in governmental positions who desire to do what is right, are powerless to stop this evil. Outside of God, they are. Shall God rain fire and brimstone down upon them? And what of Israel who is surrounded by these madmen, who will stand with Israel? I know that God is for her, yet His vengeance is always redemptive in nature, seeking to save in the eternal sense.

We are at a crossroads in world history. Which side will we be on? Which nation will be a sheep nation and which one a goat nation? Things have been brewing in the earth for decades for this final battle. Yet, God has brought all things out into the Light for all to see. Masks have been removed. Billiionaire financiers funding complete wickedness and corruption and yet our own White House administration is in bed with all of this evil, betraying our closest allies.

What does God say in all of this? My heart is turned towards Him and what He is doing in and through the Church. Its obvious to see what the world is doing. Not so obvious to see what the Church is doing (and I believe that is God’s design). But if things can change in a day, what is now hidden by God can be revealed in a day. The enemy has been more concentrated on getting his own forces together and not so concerned about God’s best plan. He thinks he knows His plan, but he doesn’t really. Oh, to be sure, there are those “high mountains” in the demonic world that have caused some of God’s warriors to drop off along the way, and they have kept the churches asleep in false doctrine. But not to fear.

Throughout history, God has always kept a remnant in the earth. These are those of the holy seed, the lineage of David, the Messiah’s offspring. The Lord has brought these through the fire, and through the flood, through the drought and through the storms, forged in the fire, fit for battle that is heating up. The stage has been set. Who are the players? This is God’s finest hour, and the day of His greatest mystery to unfold, the unveiling of the end time sons and daughters of the Most High God. The world doesn’t blink. But the demons, they know something is up, yet they can’t really know the full scope of it. The world is in chaos and man’s wisdom tries to solve the problems of the world. They will fail. for their wisdom is as foolishness. Oh yes, they have been inspired in their corruption by the forces of hell, but its nothing but chaos and ruin in the end.

Oh, how I love God’s plans and I love being a part of His plans! While the earth clamors in disorder, the Prince of Peace gives His beloved rest. And oh, such joy as the water is turned into wine! Yes, I shall concentrate on what God says and I will read His play book for our times. I know who wins in the end and this brings a settledness in my heart. There is nothing like the grand unveiling of God’s Prized Possession that He alone has prepared for this day! There shall not be anything like them in all the earth!

Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine vain and worthless things? The Lord will have them in derision and shall vex them in His sore displeasure. Are they not like a potter’s vessel in His hands to be dashed to pieces? He shall laugh them to scorn. He shall discipline them with a rod of iron. The King is set on the holy hill of Zion. The True Kings of the earth are coming. The True Judges of the earth are rising up. The world system is collapsing. That which the Lord has prepared shall be uncovered. The nations shall be their inheritance and they shall be the Face of God upon the earth. There shall be great fear and trembling, yet great rejoicing. These holy ones, these magnificent ones, these fearless ones. Oh yes, they are ready, and This Year they shall be revealed, Take courage, you are God’s offspring and His grandest day is here!

Prophet Peggy Miller


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