Reformation – The New Wineskin II

The Lord builds a new container that can hold the new harvest. We never loose the faithfulness and truths of God from the old season, but what cannot pass through are the old ways, the old systems. More acute listening to His voice, deeper obedience.

In the image of the wineskin, the leather is stretched to its capacity. Then it can be formed into a wineskin that will hold the new wine.

We need to live and walk in the spirit at all times, based on our relationship with the Lord. Praying, worshipping in spirit and in truth, from our position in the Lord.

We are learning a new dimension of being in the spirit, staying in the eternal at all times. God wants to take us deeper secrets, a greater dimension of His love. It takes people who want to enter into this new dimension.

Where is the drive of the people to get close to God? In the present structure, it is stifled, people are not allowed to grow up. There are pockets of people who have that passion. We are to find one another, being stretched out, because so many people will be involved.

We cannot be frustrated in bringing the eternal vision down to earth. God is doing a work in a whole group of people, as in the discussion today. We will go with it, and let God pour it out on more people. Our ministry has been very practical, God told us to go into a park and play games, bring food, play some Christian music, but no preaching. Children came to join us. If people have questions, we answer their questions. This is God’s new “spiritual.”

The kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy; it becomes effortless, as you follow God. God is doing everything. The old watering holes have dried up, because God has moved on.



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