Spiritual Dreams – Innocence Overcoming Wickedness

Dreams about wickedness are not from wickedness in us. We are fighting it off for others, who cannot fight for themselves.


Lonnie: Not all dreams are from God. I get some nasty dreams at times, things I want to get rid of. And it will pop up in a dream. I had one of these last night. And afterwards I realized what had happened …

Judy: Lonnie, I want to take you into … that dream was from God, and this is not about wickedness in you. I want you to stand on the word of God. He took us, in a very particular service at Jubilee, into innocence. What you have been experiencing since then is not wickedness within yourself. He has actually having you fight it off for other people, because they can’t fight it off themselves. I have the same occurrences in my dreams, Peggy explains about her dreams, the snakes and things she has to deal with, I have my own set of stuff.

God has given me sound assurance, this is not about wickedness within ourselves, it is for what is coming in our train, and we are already at war. So, you have been in a battle, you saw the victory, you saw it in your dream, you even saw the word, and you saw how the word flowed.

The dream was from the Lord. Don’t’ accept a lie now from the enemy of a false interpretation. Remember your innocence, He declared it over us. Because we are part of mankind, that’s why we see ourselves in the dream even participating in this junk.



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