Stay Focused On The Lord

This is a clip from the longer video published in Waiting On God, with a more detailed summary of key points.

The enemy is working hard to get us out ahead of God. Even during worship I felt like I wanted to run. I felt this before, I wanted to go somewhere, but God was not assigning me anywhere. It was strong yesterday while the worship was going on. The enemy even wanted us to rush in our worship. Sisi was exhorting everybody: this is a place of warfare. Even though it is silent or quiet music, this is a vital thing of really worshipping the Lord for who He is. That’s the best warfare you can do. In those waiting times, that’s the best thing to stay focused on the Lord and stay in that place of praise and worship.

In Psalm 57, David is talking about the enemy being so strong in what they are doing, but yet God hasn’t spoken to you. And so you are pulling back, pulling back. David is leaning into God, who does not destroy, for no apparent reason. Those with inequity are always trying to rush things, so that they can bring a charge against you in the courts of God.

I have been comparing it with Job, the first two chapters of Job, how the enemy is constantly trying to go after Job, to get him ahead of God. And what was it that Job saw? The finishing of all the words of evil and works of evil.

Even as we are pressing to finish these things in our state, we need to really wait on God, so you know that God’s flame is going out ahead of us and finishing things that we can’t finish.



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