Still Eternity

We must go deeper into this place of Still Eternity, where all perfections are, where righteousness and holiness dwell. Yet this is the very thing that dwells in our hearts. This is the Stream that ever lives to give perpetual nourishment to our souls. How we must long for the day when this Living Stream flows through the earth in the Lights and Perfections of Love Eternal!

This is the call upon our lives, this is our true manifestation. This is the Divine Nature of God Himself. Yet so earth bound we seem as the Glory is not yet fully descended. It hovers above and canopies the earth. Let the flood of Your utterance fill our hearts! What are You saying in heaven? Let it come like a stream. I saw the words coming down out of heaven, out of the stillness of eternity, the place where the Trinity dwells. God has something to say. Who will grab hold of these utterances and speak them on the earth?

The Spirit of the Living God is upon us. His Fear surrounds us. Impartations of future utterances, infilling yet to be released. Saturated in His utterances. Word of God speak, fall down like rain, living waters rise again! The Spirit of the Lord God is upon us. With great power and authority the Kingdom shall come!

Firm, yet gentle. The quietness of the Spirit speaks. The lowly in heart have a voice while the proud are abased in His Presence. Who shall sit at His table and feast in the Beauty of His Holiness? The heavens are full of the mysteries of God. The knowledge of the Holy is coming in full. We must never be satisfied with a small portion when the earth itself cannot contain Him or the heavens above restrain Him. For His very essence is the heavens, and the earth His glory.

The secret place of God’s thunder has come. He shall speak out of that place. Nameless, faceless, lowly in heart, gentle in spirit, yet roaring like a lion, shall be a troop, unsuspecting, yet raised up by God. And they shall make decrees that will shake and shape nations in this hour. And the thunder rolls across the plains and the prairies, across the mountains and the seas. And the enemy is thrown into confusion. The Lord shall have them in derision. The stillness speaks with a reverberating sound, “Holy, holy, holy, the whole earth is full of His Glory!”

Peggy Miller


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