Strength From God Is Coming

Hey Guys stand strong in this day. I feel such a strength from God coming on those that have suffered lost in this past season from the religious spirits of this age. The loss that you have suffered in relationships, in finances, and even in health issues has caused me to weep today but they will pale in comparison to the new things that are coming forth. God is once again going to rip the veil of the old structure and expose that it was only a man behind the curtain and not The Presence!! Hahahahahahahaha the religious spirit has been saying “pay no attention to the man behind curtain”. There is a remnant company that is not intimidated by the smoke and mirrors of the religious and the pompous words that they speak that was intended to make them afraid. The remnant company is to fascinated staring into the face of the one that changes them from glory to glory. So to stay true to the theme of this message I say to the religious spirit ” you have no power here, begone with you”!!!!! Hahahahaha let this be done in your hearing today!!!

David Kelly August 23 2014

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