The Book Of Nehemiah – Courage To Fulfill The Assignment of Restoration

The book of Nehemia presents the promises, ways and obstacles for the restoration of God’s people. Here are signposts and encouragement for the great restoration that is set before us.

The Book Of Nehemiah – Courage To Fulfill The Assignment of Restoration


Nehemiah carried a prophetic burden for the remnant in Jerusalem.

We are a holy remnant, to rebuild the former desolations.

There is a promise of restoration from God. Nehemiah prayed day and night, confessing the sins of his people; the burden went very deep in him.

We are the answer to our prayers.

Nehemiah was asking the king for permission to go and rebuild Jerusalem, and for provisions for the work. The king granted it. King Artaxerxes had the power to stop he destiny of the entire nation. Nehemiah knew that, and prayed to God for favor with the king, so the king granted his request.

When the burden comes from God, God will follow through with it, to do what is necessary.

Sanballat was grieved. The enemy was greatly grieved because of one man who carried a prophetic burden. Sanballat means hatred in disguise. Only a few men were with Nehemiah, burden bearers. They were surveying, by the Spirit, the natural and spiritual things that hindered.

We have to know our identity, our authority and separate the evildoers from the builders in this hour.

In Chapter 3, Eliaship the High Priest helped to build, but his heart was divided. He had a grandson who was son-in-law to Sanballat. He later gave a great chamber to Tobiah in the place where sacrifices were stored. Josephus gives examples of this device, whereby enemies are seeking favor with a son, to hold back the destiny of the father. We cannot have any of these heathen relationships with our holy relationships.

In Chapter 4, Nehemiah prayed imprecation against Sanballat and Tobiah, who were mocking. The people had a mind to work, and the breaches were being stopped.

Breaches in men’s hearts are causing the destruction today. God has been dealing with the breaches in our hearts that need to be repaired. What are the breaches in our hearts? When we repent, God will build up the walls of protection again. Whenever God repairs a breach, you set a guard, you set a watch. Guard your heart, where God has healed you. If men cannot guard their hearts, then comes the breaking down of the walls of the city, of the nation.

Be not afraid, live above all the taunting and mocking that comes against God’s glory.

In the midst of opposition, Nehemiah faced every challenge with courage and determination to complete the assignment. We are carrying the burden to build God’s house, and we are not deterred. Nehemiah was a single man, who had them shaken up. We are a whole company with a prophetic burden, to see God’s house built, to see full redemption. There is a big wall of protection around it; the grace of God is on our assignments. God is taking care of our enemies.


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