The Cry For Repentance

A dream illustrates the need for full repentance, which will be brought by the Holy Spirit. God Himself will divide between what is holy and what is unholy, what can come into His holy land and what cannot. We have to cry out to God, as Ezra did in biblical days.

Steven’s dream

Peggy and Steve were at a meeting in Salem, Iowa, where people are on the cusp of true repentance. Apostle Greg said I am not leading us in that direction. Peggy and Steven decided to extend the right hand of fellowship to each other. They were going to cross little toes. There was a woman named Tammy. They decided, we will just bring in the Holy Spirit, and we will just see if people will hold us back.

Judy’s Interpretation

The dream is about the cry for repentance. When Ezra was allowed to return to rebuild the house of Lord, and had done the burnt offering and sin offering, the princes said to him: “We are not clean. All of us have strange wives and children.” Ezra rent his garments, plucked out hair and beard, and fell down before the Lord. They gathered all men, wives and children to the evening sacrifice. The Lord divided between holy and unholy, what could live in Gods land and what could not.

We are still in that place of separation. When we moved into our new building, the Lord went deeper in our hearts. At the last Awakening Fires meeting, the word came that the Lord had cut off the tops of all trees. Our fruitfulness and strength have been cut off from us. Apostle Greg could not lead us into that place until full repentance before the Lord comes. God has been very serious with us, it is up to individual hearts to allow God to do His finishing work.

We have to live a holy live, or the unholiness will be poured into the lives of young believers. The cry for repentance has to go to the core of our beings. The cry has to go deeper, so we can go into the full apostolic. We need to go before the Lord with an internal cry about the lack of repentance in the church. We cannot make another move, until every leader in this state has been shaken to the core and cut down in all of their pride. Until God himself has dealt with the iniquity. Why would the key apostle stop the thing? Because it is not holy, God would break out against us.

Be careful whom you are extending the right hand of fellowship to. The toes represent the kings of the earth. Kings have the ability to bring stability; crossing the little toes shows were you stand on that scale of the apostolic. You still have a learning curve. “Tammy” relates to the Iowa woman who was wrongly accused and put in prison.

Three in agreement are saying: the state of Iowa is coming into awakening, it is coming free into liberty, it is going to have a house built for the permanent presence of the Lord in this state. This word is not null and void because some men are unrepentant. This work will be finished, God will finish it from the greatest to the smallest. The Lord will separate out.

There is a difference between the laws of the nations around us and the law of our God. God is saying there is no allowance for any of the abominations of the nations. They are not of God’s holy people. The Lord is taking us deeper. We are in a place of Salem, of rest, where God desires to rest, to live amongst us. He wants a resting place in the heart of this whole nation. Will we bring that for Him?

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  • Mary Apr 7, 2015

    I am so very blessed by this message, the Lord has really put on my heart to fast and pray and cry out for the spirit of repentance to come and turn back to the father

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