The Final Shift

Prophetic Message at the Awakening Fires Meeting April 13, 2013

It is a new day and a new dawn, but not like one before. For now you will flow into the final shift of what I have been preparing all these years. There is a couple of tweaks, as things will go into motion, for it is by my Spirit, and the timing is mine. So enjoy the ride, for much is to come. More requirements but, at the same time and intent, with a greater glory. It is time to manifest myself upon the earth in a way that many will be without excuse. Some will come, some will run, but you will raise up my chosen ones, and make them stronger, for truly this is what I have called you into. So, it is time you run as never before and not become slack as the flesh will allure you, bur run harder, and watch what my great glory might do.

Steve Walz


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