The Fire Of God Is Falling

Last night I had a dream that the fire of God fell. It fell like nobody has ever seen before. Not any time in history could it be compared to. What I saw in the dream astounded me. I saw pastors and leaders trying to control this fire. As they did they caught on fire and took off running in terror.

Here is the thing in the natural if you catch fire, you stop, drop and roll. These people in the dream were not humbling themselves at all. You will not be able to control the fire that is falling my friends or you will get burned. If you do find yourself in this situation humble yourself and let almighty God deal with you. Of course you do have the option of running but running in this instance will bring nothing but even more fire but it won’t be the kind of fire that you will ever be able to walk away from. A fire that will last a lifetime and bring torment forever. Peace

Shawn Honnold September 4 2014

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