The Future Is Now

Speak the words of Godin faith, as if they are coming to pass now, not in the future. The future is now; this is walking by the Spirit. To walk by sense and reason is death. A prophetic dream shared by Mark Kuntz at the Awakening Fires meeting in Des Moines on September 13, 2014.

Mark is flying in a space craft, past the mountain the Lord. A missile rises from the mountain, stops in mid-air and flashes: “the future is now.” Landing in Las Vegas, there is nobody there, a few planes, no people. Nobody is going into sin city anymore.

This is living in Kairos, in the divinely appointed moment. The future is now. We have to stop looking at things in the future, stop thinking in the natural. Speak the word of God, it becomes Kairos.

According to Romans 4, inheriting the promise is the result of faith. Speaking of the non-existing things as if they existed already. Declare over your city, your family. Personally, God’s word says we are sanctified, holy. Begin to declare the word of God over ourselves, the future is now. Declare it.

Romans 8 says that those who are controlled by the spirit set their minds on the spirit. The mind of the flesh, sense and reason, without the spirit, is death. What you focus on is what you become. Think like God; this comes from our intimate relationship with God.

Prophetic Dreams

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