The Great Expectation – Strength And Joy Returning


This is a time of expectation of the Father towards us and back from us to the Father. The Lord has executive orders. He said: If you hear from me, I will give you the ability to sign off on these executive orders. The phase we are in now is like a bus stop. People arrive at a destination point, and it is a point from which they leave. This is what we are as a ministry. People are going to come in for a purpose, and they are going out from here for a purpose.

We have great expectation, and we declare now that that expectation grows into action. We know, Lord, that You have a plan; all we have to do is to move in. All we have to do is sign off on those executive orders. You have a plan for everyone in this state and in this nation, show us where You want us to be active.


The word of the Lord came to me last June:

“My expectation shall come upon you as a mighty rushing wind. My expectation will come out of your life. Let My wind blow over the sound inside of you, and out that sound comes your new season. Strength and joy are returning, the great expectation of Me is the expectation of you. Let my wind come to lift you higher and higher and you shall see, you shall see my expectancy. [..] You shall have an awareness that you have not had, and you shall know there is a great quickening. For my wind brings strength and life and peace and joy. Let my wind release my song in you. You shall gain the perception that you see, for you will release the song of My life, and you will release the sound that you carry inside of you. No longer locked up in silence, but a river of life flowing out of you. Let My wind stir up the well, let My wind bring forth the river. Invite the breath of life daily to blow over you and bring in the fresh manna.”


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