The Heart Of God – Releasing Seeds For Eternity


 The Heart Of God – Releasing Seeds For Eternity

Thank You for Your heart, shed abroad in February. I just see a calendar with a big heart on it, and I think it is no small thing that Valentine’s Day is in that month. I see that heart of God just spread in February. Oh God, let there just be a release of Your heart in February. There is something precious of Your heart, to be revealed to Your people. It is something of Your heart that is setting people free. We thank You, because there will be great deliverance coming out of this month, because Your heart is shed abroad in this month. And as we come into that place and lay down our lives, as we humble ourselves before You, something of Your heart is coming, oh God, to bring healing, to bring deliverance, to bring salvation. And it’s not just for this state; it is a very big thing. And You are calling Your people, even across this nation, and we are hearing them.

They are fasting and they are praying this month, because there is something of Your heart that is coming that we have not seen in its fullness yet. We have been crying out for these things, father, and Your are touching into these deep places in us, places in other people’s hearts, God. Hearts to heart, hearts to heart, and what You are saying is heart to heart in this month. And that is why You are causing us to press into You. Because it is all of You, God, it is nothing of man; it is all of Your heart, heart to heart, heart to heart. we cry out, heart to heart. Because there is something in men’s hearts that You heart is going to touch so deep. And we will see the fruit of this coming out of this month, and it will go on.

It is something eternal. there is something perpetual coming out of this month, God. And we press into You; we seek Your face, we seek Your presence in this month. …. It is all of You, and what You will reveal of Yourself. So the things that are present in this month, we will see it is perpetual, an eternal thing being released upon the earth in this month. In this month it will start, so therefore we come before You and we lay down our lives. Our lives are laid down before You, God. We call a submitting of the body of Christ in this month. Submit yourselves to the Lord. You are hearing right, to fast and pray, just submit yourselves, lay down your life like never before in this month, says the Lord. Because I am releasing something of My heart, heart to heart.

My heart for men, my heart for women, my heart for children, my heart for My creation, says the Lord, will be released in this earth. And it is coming out of this month, and you are seeing My heart in this month. And I will release this seeds of My heart. I see the heart of God just exploding and all of these seeds being distributed upon the face of the earth. And we will see the fruit of it, and it will be known, and we will see the fruit of it. Thank You, God, heart to heart, God.

You are doing something worldwide, and it is starting in this month. The eternal realm, just the drawing that You are doing this month. It is coming out of this month, I see the drawing of men’s hearts coming out of this, and it will be a multiplication in this. There will be such a multiplying factor of the things of God’s heart being released, coming out of this month. Thank You, God. And we believe every heart on the face of the earth will be touched.

Intercession, Prophecy

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