The Melchizedek Mantle Is Coming

And the Lord would say come a little higher, come a little lower, into My very presence, into My very heart. For I am bringing a new thing and it will come upon you. You have not known this before, for it is the true Melchizedek mantle. It has not been seen before, but it comes afresh. I will show a side of Me not seen of men since the times of old. Jesus, My son, was the fullness of it, but now you will walk in the fullness of it, for it is by My Spirit and not by the work of men’s hands. Do not think it is to big, for I have told you to dream big and spoke of things in the Spirit. It will be an unleashing that is bigger than your biggest dream. I know you hesitate, but it is still bigger.

Do you have the faith to bring in this move of God into the earth realm? Will you, My chosen vessels, allow Me to bring a move of My Spirit so big that it will even overwhelm and overtake you? It comes upon you. Do not worry of the buildings you posses, for it will change in an instant and the greater will dwarf the temporal concerns you have. Be concerned about the holiness I have asked you to walk in. For if you carry the mantle called Melchizedec, what man will be able to resist the words I send through your mouth. You doubt, but I say dare to believe and see what I will do. The porthole has opened and all is in front of you. So you must decide to step into the waters of My Spirit. I know you feel unsteady in the new place, but dare to walk where few men have walked before. The preparations have come to a close. It is now time to walk with me in these greater depths and deeper waters. I will be your strength in this season. I will be the rock that steadies you. I will separate those that follow My Spirit and those that do not follow My Spirit. Jump in, and do not fear or let these waters of My Spirit trouble you.

Prophet Steve Walz


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