The Melchizedek Order

And the Spirit of the Lord would say, come a little higher. Come a little lower into the depths of My love.  For I am coming with power and might so that I might rule and reign through My people.  For I wish to bring a new thing upon the earth called the Melchizedek order.  Many have talked and even pondered of it, but it is now the time of the release.  Only My true Holy ones will grasp the depth of the call. 

But there are many destined to this call.  I say it will become common for there are many hungering for the call, but few have been given the understanding.  I show you a new way of life.  One of power and might, but it requires holiness, ones set apart from the world.  Ones that clearly have made a choice to separate themselves from the things of the earth.  Worldly minded people can not enter into the Kingdom of God.  They are enamored by it and can not comprehend it.

But My Holy ones will understand, for My Spirit of Understanding dwells within them.  And My Sevenfold Spirit will come upon them and set the world in order.  Many say there is no hope for this nation or even the world.  They have taken in the lie, but does not My word say I will rule the nations with and iron scepter.  How is it that I will rule the nations?  Many have pondered it, but who can, born of man, know what My Spirit is about to release.

Even My Holy ones do not comprehend the depth of what is about to be released.  For it is to big for man to comprehend.  And only by My Spirit can man enter into this thing I am about to release.  Things of past prophecies that I foretold you will now come into alignment, for it is a shift to large for you to have anticipated.  Prepare your hearts and minds for it will cause the earth to quake and even tremble. for all the earth has been crying out for the manifestation of the Sons of God.

Prophet Steven Walz


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