The Message Of The New Man

The new man in Christ will live in harmony with God, above the struggles and pains of the past. Christ in us will deliver this message, as we step out in obedience to Him.

00:09 – Mercy Offers The Hand to Rise Up
Don’t pity people, pity steps down to join in the misery. Mercy offers a hand to lead up out of it. There will be 3 generations living as the new man in Christ.

02:25 – How Do We Deliver The Message
How do we deliver that message? The Lord said: I am the way, and I am in you. We have been taught by man to use our soul and reason to answer spiritual questions. All we need is Him, a pure simple relationship.

05:34 – Pray Where The Lord Sends You
The Lord is sending people to a region or city, to put a block on its wall. Your prayers are important for that city, even if you don’t live there.

09:37 – The Seer Gift
The seer gift is difficult to carry, because it sees further ahead.


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