The Presence Of God

Hearing the voice of God, and being led into His presence is the most basic and essential foundation for the Christian walk. All discipleship must begin here, and find its completion here.

00:04 – Led By The Spirit

This message is led by the Spirit. The Lord said that today we will soak in His presence. The message will unfold as we all hear from Him.

01:40 – Radiant Glory: The Ministry Of Martha Wing Robinson

Martha Wing Robinson’s life was a witness to God’s healing power to overcome. The Lord healed her of a number of serious diseases, and gave her a healing ministry.

05:52 – Seeking For Self-Less Love

The Lord allowed serious offences and accusations against her. She decided to forsake her selfishness and to be a doormat rather than a shrew.

09:51 – Making A Heart Decision For Christ

The Lord allowed the harshness of her life to test her complete commitment to Him. The dealings of God are always very individual, and depend upon our heart decisions for Christ.

13:08 – Walking In The Presence Of God
The presence of God is the most important part of the Christian walk. Without his presence, our walk will get more and more off course.

18:04 – Hearing The Voice Of God

God is seeking relationship with us. Hearing the voice of God is the basis for all of our Christian walk, and must be first in our teaching.

20:34 – Keeping A Journal

Keeping a journal is a safe way of learning to hear the voice of God.

23:52 – The Voice Of God Leading Us Into His Presence

All of scripture is written word of God. His voice is leading us into His presence.

28:12 – Sharing The Experience Of His Presence

A young believer tries to share his experiences in following the voice of God, but is not welcome in his church.

33:43 – Let Us Glean The Fields For Life

There are multitudes of people without hope and without knowing God. Let us go out and glean these fields, bringing the message of life in Christ.



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