The Quickening Of The Spirit

The life of Christ, the quickening of the Spirit is coming into hearts as you are ministering to a person. The Lord will give you what you need to say in that moment.

“The letter killleth, but the Spirit gives life. What was our theme for the last several years, it is this life of Christ, that just has to come forth with His breath. Even in the simplest things, [..] that we would step out and do and you will be absolutely amazed at what God will do in the midst of that. And we have said it before, even if you are saying just one word or a couple of words to a person. It’s going to be the quickening thing, because the Spirit of God is going to do that. The quickening of the Spirit is going to come into hearts, just like a laser at this point.

“Yesterday I had the opportunity to minister to a couple of people, and we were just sitting there and just talking, and I didn’t have a whole idea what God wanted to say, but in that moment, the scripture says, in that moment the Lord will give you, the Spirit will give you what you need in that moment, what you need to say.

“You may have a basic idea, but we don’t shy away from speaking out, but we allow the Spirit of God to bring in the life that needs to be spoken in that moment. So, what happened was, we sat there for an hour, and it was just rolling and just rolling and rolling. And what did it do, it helped set direction in their life. It just helps that direction in their life. “Yea, this is what I have been waiting for,” or “this is confirmation in my heart, yes, you are hitting on something really key there.”

“So, in the moment, let the Spirit of God move and do that. The main thing is to break the silence. Be intentional, again, intentionality, the due diligence, just breaking the silence, its going to be key.”


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