King Jehoshapat’s Reign II – Deliverance From Enemies

When faced with an attack by her enemies, Judah stood on her covenant with God, and turned to the Lord in praise and supplication. The same applies to our nation today.

Jehoshapat fell back on the promises of God. The Lord said to Lonnie: “Your expectation of me is great, My expectation of you is great also.” There is a covenant between us and God. Jehoshapat was speaking this. “Word for the day: expect God to show up.” We should be walking it this.

Judah received the promise of God, and bowed before Him in praise. They did no longer fear and tremble, but the worshipped the Lord.

The Lord destroyed the enemies; Judah gathered up a huge spoil. Judah went in rejoicing and came out rejoicing. God gave them rest round about.

There is a correlation between events then and now. Jehoshapat called upon the covenant; our country was built upon a covenant. We need to return to God, and not listen to a lying spirit. We have to be in the place of expectation from God, giving Him honor and praise. Even true intercession cannot go forth without praise. We have to be at the throne of God, He is the only One who can take us through the present trouble.

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