The Season To Release Gods Glory

Since the beginning of time, and since the foundations of the earth, I am.  And I devised a plan that would make manifest My wisdom to the demonic forces that I sent to the earth.  I am the great I am and My plan will unfold.  Man’s disobedience can delay it, but it will unfold just the same.  And I will come forth with greater power and greater might.  I know many of you fret, “Am I doing this right?”, but do not fret, for I am coming in such a degree that it will shake the very foundations of the earth. 

I am coming, My children, in a dimension that you have not seen or peered into, I tell you that you will even see things that only Enoch and Adam have known.  For it is now the season to release upon the earth My glory.  And it will come forth with great power.  I will awaken the hearts of My children.  My sons and daughters will once again walk along side Me.  I will come to them in the night with angelic visitations and in the day My Holy Spirit will over shadow them and people will be convicted by their very presences.  For they will carry My presence.

My children, you still make it so much about you.  Do you not know I am just looking for purified vessels in which I can do a great work upon the earth? When you make it about me, this move of My Spirit will become effortless.  I Thank you for being willing to come this far, but it is only the beginning of change upon the earth.  One that will change history more than that of the 15 and 16 hundreds.  It is a reformation, but things will change upon the whole earth in a way you can not fathom.  But for those that will press in, I will release greater strategies, greater understanding, greater wisdom, greater power and greater glory.

The political arena has sensed change coming, and the demonic has even seized the opportunity to pervert it.  But I will over shadow theses things, and they will be overrun in a short time.  So the time is short, My children, and a glorious time is ahead of you.  Prepare your hearts, for all will be shaken by the power that will be released.  Dross will burn away.  Do not hold on any longer to these things, for it will only hinder you from what I wish for you to experience.  I am coming, and I will adorn My bride with My glory.  Who would believe that they could stop Me from doing this thing upon the earth?

Prophet Steven Walz


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