The Way is Within You

The way to the full redemption of your life and of your region is within you. He is the way, the truth and the life, and He is within you. The message and the music are within you, and people will hear them in the spirit.

This is the final part of Judy’s sermon, giving a vision of Christ within you and the mighty work He will do, speaking out of you. The final chapters of the book of numbers are recording this work of God as it unfolded for the nation of Israel. God has promised you to carry a unique expression of Himself. Work your promise daily, let no man nor satan distract you or belittle you. Out of it will come your multitude of redeemed souls.

This is a season of pressing for the deep presence of the Lord. Your leaves will be green and fresh, for the healing of many. Go and let God bring them out of the valley of mourning.


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