Things Are Coming Into Full Bloom

Things are coming into full bloom. In the days ahead there will be much controversy, but be not moved for I will guide you through the unclear waters. I will be your compass, and I will be your guide. Trust in the strength that I have put inside of you. Trust in My grace and My power.

Who can withstand My ability to change the course of a nation. I will confound the confused. They will marvel at how such a things could be. Understand I am still in control. I still am calling the shots. Do not be disturbed that I am allowing evil to be exposed for how else can hearts be revealed and decisions for good and evil be made.

The course of the nation will be shifted, but be not troubled because I am with you My children. Focus on what I will have you do in the days ahead. I still have a great plan for this nation. Your struggles will become more difficult, but many will find Me in the struggles. Come to Me, My children. I will give you rest in the storm.

Prophet Steven Walz


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