To Build A House For God

Jubilee Kingdom Gathering is to build a house for God that has the flow of the Spirit. Our focus is on this community, but the house will have an impact upon the nation. This is a step in God’s big plan. It has a lot to do with young people, changing the dysfunctional family unit.

One of the things the Lord was telling me yesterday, and we already know this, but He is really emphasizing it is time to build. And I know that is building our numbers and our strength and our maturity, and it just goes across the board. I was asking which one, but I just know it is synonymous. Its going towards the building.

If we are really going to change this community we have to build a house for God that moves in the flow of the Spirit. And that is not going to happen unless we build that house, plain and simple. That’s why we are called to this community, that’s our mission. We are to build a house in this community that will have the flow of the Spirit. It will draw from others from outside, but really our focus is this community. If we focus on the community, it will take care of the rest. Ands so we really need to start being focused on that looking for the next step and strategy.

And I even have a word and I am going to read it. I was trying to find a place, because it was actually last Sunday I got it. But, it is moving that, I know it has to do a lot with young people. I don’t think it is a coincidence that you guys are coming. I know a lot of us are family, but in God that really doesn’t matter. He just picks it the way He picks it, and the other thing is, a lot of what we are to do is family. So, we are connecting supernatural things, but we are bringing them into the family unit and the family function, which is so dysfunctional in this day and hour . So, we are trying to change the dysfunctionalness of family.

Some times we don’t know really where we are going, some times we kind of got a clue. That is because we are setting a pattern and a model. But that is how you can know you are in the real deal versus being in some program. Personally, I feel better about fumbling through something that is real than just following a pattern that is just an image that doesn’t really make a difference in the world. This makes a difference in the world, this is going to make state and national differences.

How can that be? If you make a difference, people look at the model. We are going to Kentucky. How can it make a difference in the nation? It already has. We are going there next weekend. It will make a difference in the nation. How big? I don’t know. But it’s going to make a national difference, because what we are carrying, they are going to carry at least some of that residue. I don’t know how much, but it’s some. So, there we just impacted the nation. Why? Because of the little step of the big plan.

If we try to affect the nation its purposeless. But God is turning the whole thing, and God has those threads. It is what Aissa talked about the threads through everything yesterday. If you have noticed, He will go and do something, and you’ll say, how did all these things get connected together? But in God, He has that common thread woven through, and so when He pulls upon that thread, you don’t realize the significance of the little thing that you do. But it actually just sets the whole thing in motion and you might not see the whole domino effect. But in domino, you can have a hundred dominoes set in row. And yours only shows five dominoes, but you may be knocking down a thousand dominoes and not even know it because of that effect that reverberates.

And how is that? Because the Spirit of God has planned the whole thing. Because He just pulls on that thread and say, yes, watch what I am going to do with that. He likes doing that because He likes to show off. God does like to show off. He is pretty cool like that. That is part of His majesty.

So, what I am saying is, enter into the bigger thing. And I know that sometimes doesn’t just happen overnight, but I know, this seed will be in the back of your head, and God will do what He will with it.



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