Training Our Children To Connect With God

We train our children to connect with God, sitting right next to us, as we are flowing with the Spirit of God.

Earlier, were devaluing our children, because we did not put a value on them being trained up. If we are not training them, they are not learning. It is a new pattern, it is a changing of a mindset, it’s a changing of a tradition.


“We were talking about the next generation. One of the things [..] is trying to find that path with the kids, and what I am really seeing is one of the mindsets we need to be changing out there [..]. It seems like we should be coming to a meeting – if I am a parent with a young kid – I should be having the intention, I am coming here to help train my kid. Yes, I am here to meet with God [..] What I see is flipped in our value system [..] is: “I want my experience with God more important than training up my child.” We put that above there. [..]

“I was thinking about the whole time I was bringing Lea and Tug to Jubilee there. I pretty much just checked out, because they were running. Running crowd control was about all you could do, because there is nobody doing it. The kids were just left to run. And that’s about all you got accomplished. I said: “God, I am just going to stay faithful, and do this, that’s all I can do at this time. It’s up to You to add the stuff I am missing, because I know I can’t [..].” You can’t check in and check out very easily.

“In that, what was the very thing we were missing? We were devaluing our children, because we weren’t putting a value that they would be trained up. And if they are just attending, “well its being imparted,” if we are not training them they are not learning. So, all I am saying is that we need to be thinking about being intentional, looking at all those places. We are actually hitting on what Judy was saying, to bring something. That really is it, we need to be intentional. I was thinking, what is something, even if it is just a little tidbit [..]. What is that little exercise, that little thing, whatever it is, what is something that helps train that child so that it is actually connecting with God in some way or fashion or understand what is going on.”

Martha relates her experiences with having children color pages while listening to a stories. They don’t have to be gone the whole time, like we used to do it.


“There is a time of taking a little session here and there, regroup them. I agree, I definitely want to keep them together to.”


“Finding the ways, you guys, that is the key in itself. We train them up, just sitting right next to us as we are flowing with the Spirit of God. What does it look like? And that is what we are looking for. I know God is going to give us the grace, He is going to give us the strategies, the anointing, what ever it is we need, the enablement, because it is a new pattern. It’s the changing of a mindset, it’s the changing of a tradition.”


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