City Of God – The Lord’s 48 Questions

The Great Pen

Holy Spirit instructed me: Write with the great pen which I have given to you, so that nations may move together as flocks, as herds.


Who has a heart for the City which bears all nations?

Who will be burdened for the burden-bearer?

Who will be burdened for the woman who will birth many sons and daughters?

Who will feed her and sustain her?

Who will clothe her?

Who will shelter her as she withstands the storms? as she endures the days of sunny and cloudless skies?

Who will send out the righteous into her streets and avenues?

Who will build up her walls and her gates?

Who will sit in her gates and judge according to righteousness, bringing forth justice, ruling with equity for all men?

Who will love her with burning passion?

Who will rock her in arms of love when she weeps – for the children she has not yet borne? for the children who die before destiny is accomplished?

Who will carry her in chariots of victory?

Who will fill her streets with good things?

Who will give her eyes vision that does not falter?

Who will dream of her future?

Who will carry her Book upon their hearts?

Who will gird up their loins and answer Me for her whole welfare?

Who is able to stand in My throne room, and give Me the accounting of all her days?

Who stands for Me to speak to her in love, in exhortation, in instruction, in warning?

Who speaks to her mighty men in the gates?

Who speaks to her wise women at the wells of the city?

Who goes before her?

Who holds her rear reward?

Who understands the importance of her times, her season, her significance for all of history, for all of eternity?

Who comes to Me for all of these things?

Who tells the City of her need? of her supply?


Holy Ground 

Watchers of the buying and selling of land, who will cast their shoe to redeem this land?

For it is Holy Ground, it is where I choose to Dwell. It is My home. It is my tabernacle with My people. My very Temple.

Who will pay full price?

Who will give their entire life’s-blood for it?

Who will love My Bride? Cherish her? Sustain her? Clothe her in royal robes? Show her honor?

Receive of her wisdom?

Who will ask Me for her hand in Covenant?

Who will walk with her all of her days?

Who will consummate the vows? and rejoice over her children?

Who will train them?

Who will lead them?

Who will understand their holy destinies?

Who can comprehend the number of the stars?

Who can comprehend the nature of the sands?

Who will rejoice when all the stars come out and move in their courses?

Who will be embossed with the silver of My Moon?

Who will be embellished with the beams of My Sun?

Where is your great splendor, O My glorious City?

Where is the majesty that transcends all?

Where is the array which will come around and draw close to My throne?

Who will come into the place of understanding, the place of pure alignment?

Who will come and be filled to overflowing by My image, by My words?

Who will carry Me and My burden until the earth is saturated with the dew of My Presence?

Who will be the Light Bearer, the Lamp with unceasing oil, the Carrier of the Flaming Flame for all nations to see and to know I am who I am and there is no other?

The City of My choosing, that is who.

The City of My voice.

The City of My loving arms.

The Great City of the teaching of My peace.

The Quiet City, the Tranquil City of My rest