Worship In The JKG Kingdom Center

God showed me what worship will be like In the Kingdom Center. We are going to diffuse the entertainment. It developed in stages. First, the worship team is in the center. On the walls are words, video, paintings etc. Here, God is individualizing his work.


Then, there is no center worship team, but musicians are dispersed throughout the room. There is no place to hide. There is no place to check out, something is going on everywhere. The Presence will be over the whole place. This is a picture of the bigger Kingdom dynamics.

We will hold the tension over the whole space; there will be not a place to get out of it. Now, we go to the front, because the Presence is there. In the new setting, the Presence will be everywhere. This is as in the temple in Jerusalem, where teaching and ministry was going on in many places. The present setting is following the model of the Greek drama, with a center stage and many spectators.

God’s drama is his majesty, God moving everywhere. This was lost in the Greek theater. We are now restoring an ancient way.

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