Blow Upon My Heart – Yielding To The Spirit Of God

A prophetic word about yielding to the Spirit of God, and its importance for our walk with God.


Breath of God, blow upon my heart and kindle afresh a flame inside. Lord, you oh God are breathing afresh upon our hearts. You are blowing anew upon our hearts. You are bringing us again into a place of first love, because in the place of first love is the power of My Spirit. I say again, in the place of first love is the power of My Spirit. So fall afresh in our hearts, fall anew in our hearts, kindle that has become dim into strong roaring flame. Kindle in us a passion that exceeds the passion that was experienced in our time of the past.

Blow afresh on the work of Your Spirit. For it is a work of Your Spirit, and not the effort or work of the flesh. Do a sovereign work oh God, light our hearts ablaze.

I find it interesting this morning – I couldn’t even remember exactly a lot of that word – but the biggest thing that I was seeing is how many times men try to come to God by their works, and I think sometimes we even catch our own hand doing the very same thing. And that was no different in the time of the Pharisees and Sadducees. By their works, their traditions they were trying to come to God, and they were justifying themselves, by keeping laws.

But really, the thing that we are supposed to be in that place is – since the Spirit is in us – we are always totally yielded to that Spirit, and that is how we really come to God. And that is the very thing that we always resist, is being in full alignment with the Spirit, saying: “Whatever, God, You just have to do it, this thing.” And isn’t it even a control when we take bitterness or offence, we are trying to take it by our hand and guide the course of that very thing, versus hearing the Spirit of the Lord and seeing exactly how He wants to unfold that.

If something is revealed, do we trust God to take care of it. Do we trust to hear God ourselves, and how we are to respond to it? Do we really yield that right to God? Really, you know? That’s hearing: one, hearing for yourself, and two, yielding to whatever He says.

I find them pretty high orders in my life, as far as a challenge and a – I am trying to think of the right word – mandate. Because if we carry what we are carrying, we have to be able to do that in the moment. So we have to be hearing from God and not our flesh. That don’t happen over night, it’s a long walk.

So you see how key that is in every single day of our walk and every little piece of our walk, because it has to be the norm. There is a transparency that we have to have. We have got to be walking according to the Spirit, versus what we want to respond with. And I know this is going to become more key, because we have learned — God has given us a grace to work together, but that’s going to be another new deal when we’ve got new people in here. That’s going to be a whole new dynamic than what we are used to working with.

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